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Back again….

Well here I am again….catching up with my photos …I am still going, a photo-a-day and hopefully improving…have to be honest and say that I am a little ‘over’ this project but I have invested too much time and effort to stop now!

I want to have completed a 365…its a bucket list thing….and the thought of starting at day 1 of 365 is just too awful to think about!!

So finish this I will!!


Day 184


Had an assignment to add a texture to a photo, not really my thing, but gave it a go….





Day 185

My darling daughter….



Day 186

I know….its hard to find something riveting to photograph e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y…..





Day 187

One I am quite proud of…





Day 188

The youngest offspring heads off on the school ski trip to Mount Buller…. they hit a luck and had great snow…. when I was a kid the school trip consisted of a bus trip to a grotty campsite….





Day 189

The middle child plays in a rugby tournament and gets to play on the MAIN field at school….hallowed ground, people…. quite the big deal, not understood unless you go to a rugby school but this field is generally reserved for the 1st team….



Day 190

Another day, another rugby game and the middle child is as happy as a pig in …well, mud ….




Day 191

The naughty daschund captured on the iPhone…


3 copyw


Day 192

The middle child on an iPhone….yes, there is a lot of iPhone action as I am playing with my film camera and the photo-a-day does not get sent off, developed and returned same day….thats film, pretty old school….





Day 193

A film shot….the eldest in her onesie….onesies are very IN at the moment…


1145-26 copyw



Day 194

The youngest has never cared about fashion and has always just worn the item of clothing on the top of the pile….but suddenly he wanted coloured jeans….red coloured jeans…..!!! So off we went and this is in the changerooms of David Jones (a department store here)…


vfr copyw



Day 195


An outing to the mall for haircuts before going back to school….


bgr copyw

Day 196

A camelia in the garden….



Day 197

A black & white of a faded magnolia plant….



Day 198


The youngest offspring, looking all grown-up….



Day 199

Spud on film (well taken with my film camera)….



Day 200

Just love this double exposure on film…the middle child who is happiest at the beach…


1145-19 copyw



And so my 365 continues…..



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Woohoo…look Mum!

Hey, look I got featured….one of my images was chosen as an Editors Choice on the Clickin Moms blog…. thats such a big deal for me…. so go look and find little ole me featured among some very good photogs…. mine is 3rd one down of the yellow beach hut…. cool huh?!!




This was my photo….





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iPhone pics

Our little blog circles theme this month is iPhoneography ( not sure if thats a word but basically you have to use a phone/device).

It seems so easy but I declare myself the worlds worst iPhoneographer (if I use it enough….) …there are many, many people who fill instagram with amazing images everyday…I am not one of them!

Anyway, I had a go last Friday. It had been a busy week and we got to Friday and I sat down with my husband and a glass of wine…..

photo-15 copyw

And of course the dog is never far…

photo-16 copyw


photo-18 copyw

And this was my view, a glorious winter sunset…

photo-12 copyw

photo-14 copyw

photo-19 copyw

So thats Friday night drinks, taken with my iPhone making me an iPhoneographer! Now you can click over to see Staceys’ take on this weeks’ theme…. http://staceyrwiseman.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/how-i-view-13/

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And the big catch-up continues….. I am vowing never to get so behind again….famous last words….


Day 183

So, as I started on 1 January…this is the half-way mark!! Woohoo, go me….I have kept up with a photo-a-day for half a year… seriously, so proud of me!!

To mark the halfway mark, here is half a face …its a little corny but thats all I came up with ….






Day 182


We went away to Byron Bay for a few days at the start of the school holidays with some friends. It rained, no it poured for just about the whole time we were down there!


The image below is taken from my dry, warm bedroom because this is what boys do when its raining and no adult will go down to the beach to supervise a swim….





Day 181


Byron Bay is famous for surfing and I was really happy to get this shot of a surfer between torrential downpours…








Day 180

When you go to Byron you have to walk up to the lighthouse and get a photo at this sign…. Most easterly point of Australia…








Day 179

He’s always happiest at the beach….






Day 178


An absolutely magnificent sunset…..






Day 177

The only time we saw the sun….





Day 176

Look what I found…. I love the retro coolness of this little film camera and am so excited to try some film photography….






Day 175

I am afraid that he’s a little over me and my camera….





Day 174

Watching the Wallabies beat the Lions…victory was sweet….





Day 173

The Supermoon…. yay, got it….





Day 172

First fire of winter and this little guy is never far from the fire…





Day 171

The youngest offspring….





Day 170

A macro of an ‘everyday’ item…. scintillating stuff….





Day 169

The view from my patio…





Day 168

He is so BIG….





Day 167

My son and his mates coming back from fishing  on the tinnie…







Day 166

Another Saturday means another rugby game…





…and I am now officially ‘caught up’…..yay xx


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Oh dear, I am so far behind!! I have been keeping up with my photo-a-day but have been a bit woeful at the blogging part….and now I am battling! I have to keep trying to find my photo, ugh. Anyway, in an attempt to catch up heres part1 of the big catch-up…



Day 165

I love the morning winter sun….





Day 164

How beautiful are these tulips! Had to mortgage the house to buy them but they were quite beautiful…I have just completed a macro photography workshop so there is a lot of macro coming up….


4 copyw




Day 163

The Year5 wind band in action… my offspring plays the trombone (badly…but no worse than anyone else). It is compulsory in Year5 to be part of this band so you are not looking at children with a god-given talent. Us, year5 parents were a captive audience for the music recital and the year5 band performed second-to-last in a 2 hour concert!! So, after 2 hours we were treated to the most underwhelming, laboured performance of …Hot Cross Buns! Two hours of my life g.o.n.e….xx





Day 162

I did warn of a macro overload…





Day 161

Told ya…





Day 160


…and again,



Day 159

There is nothing as sweet as a victorious warcry !




Day 158

Glace cherries divide the masses but I am a fan and they do make the photo prettier!



Day 157

Oil in water …part of my photography workshop…looks very arty and abstract, go me!




Day 156

Ok, not my finest hour…complete fail but its what I got for day156…



Day 155

Jewelry is hard to photograph but this is my attempt….my first wedding ring and the upgrade, same husband xx



Day 154

Seriously, the most awful sound imaginable! Added to the trombone sound, the dog cries loudly when he starts blowing….its so pleasant !!



Day 153

Official start of rowing season! The annual row past where all the crews have to get on the river and its pretty chaotic at the boat shed…




Day 152

Some beautiful MUMS…



Day 151

Someone who does actually have some musical talent…



Day 150

Its quite hard to find something to photograph everyday…



Day 149

Yummo raspberries…



Day 148

Sunset over the Nerang river…




Day 147

My beautiful daughter….



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This months Blog Circle Theme is ‘shallow dof’ which means shooting with a very thin ‘sliver’ of focus. Its quite hard to get right and I tried a few different shots during the month….

I love the look of a ‘bokeh sandwich’, this is where the foreground and background are out of focus…



…and then these are with a shallow dof to highlight a specific part of the photo by making only a selected portion of the photo in sharp focus…

The eldest got glasses and I wanted focus to fall on the glasses (f 1,8)…


…and here the middle child was doing his homework and I wanted to focus on his hand holding the pen (f1.8)…


…and this is the oldests hair…I love that the whole photo isnt in focus (f1,4)…




Now be sure to go see how my friend Christi interpreted the ‘shallow dof’…. http://mamasparrowphotography.blogspot.com/2013/07/july-depth-of-field.html



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Beautiful Ugly….

Its time for my monthly blog circle and the theme this month was ‘Beautiful Ugly’……..hmm.

I had some ideas that didnt pan out and in the end I only got one photo that I thought showed beauty in something that is considered ugly, namely a common-old weed.

Don’t forget to click over to Nicoles’ blog and see how she has interpreted this months’ theme…. http://wp.me/p1uNfs-Ci

Here is my beautiful ugly weed….


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